Friday, April 2, 2010

Shaman in Exile on location III

I'm picking back up on my location series regarding where I lived and the locations I used while writing my Shaman novels.
Now we continue with the locations of Shaman in Exile (in progress). Starting May of 2006, I wrote the first part of Shaman in Exile in New England, where I had to move for six months to handle the details following my mother's death.  I lived in a 400 sq. foot 1940's cottage in Hampton Village, New Hampshire, a small seasonal coastal town which is nearly deserted  from the first weekend in October until Memorial Day weekend.
For those 6 months I lived without hot water, a stove and had only a college fridge.  I used a hot plate to cook but did have internet via a highly expensive chip (necessary for the legal work).  I did learned to cook full meals on two electric eyes but also ate out at favorite local eateries.  Le Bec Rouge, where I also saw live bands downstairs, Lupo's, right up the street on Ocean Blvd. with a view of the Atlantic Ocean and a TV so I could catch up on the news, and Ronaldo's an Italian place with a North end of Boston chef, and Ouda's, a small gunshot bldg. which tipped over by the ravegas it suffered during the winter.  It's right on the bay and is frequented mostly by fishermen and lobstermen. Ouda is a fiesty and often irreverant German owner/cook who threatens to handcuff you to the girll if you don't clean your plate. The portions are massive and cheap. 
Each of these places are featured in Shaman in Exile.      
For the second part of Shaman in Exile, I lived in my art studio in the Pendleton Street Arts District in Greenville, SC after my return to South Carolina. Pipes had burst in my house, taking out kitchen and bathroom floor and parts of the foundation. So I had to move out while reconstruction went on for another 8 months.  I decided to live in my studios - cheaper than an apartment, no utility bills or security deposits.  Plus I worked a whole lot more with fewer distractions.
This Pednleton link has a lot of photos of the various art studios, including the Village Studios where I lived in the two room studio/bathroom from Oct. 2006 to May 2007, while my house was under reconstruction after water pipe leaks destroyed the kitchen, the bathroom and part of the foundation, while I lived in Hampton. The studio is featured in both Shaman books. 
 This is what my studio looked like while I lived in the two rooms over Christmas (my studio and a bathroom anotyher area about 400 sq. feet.).  There was an area downstairs with microwave and a shower that all the artists could use.
The two nude women are paintings of my characters.  The one on the easel is Shya, who appears in two of my gothic urban fantasy short stories set in New Orleans and the one on the right on the wall is of Mavis, the artist who survived Katrina in New Olreans in Shaman Circus.

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