Friday, January 14, 2011

Sandy Ang's Victorian/Steampunk Art Challenge #2

Quite by accident while viewing images of paper arts on the Graphic 45 Ring, I found Sandy Ang's Challenge #2. It's a very cool and lively  Victorian/Steampunk Challenge.  And since this era is my millieu I couldn't resist. I'm heavily involved in steampunk with the Upstate Steampunk Group in Greenville, SC (having hosted a panel on creating art, selling my handmade books, collages and paper arts as a vendor and facilitating a panel for authors who I featured in Steampunk Fissure, a magazine I publish with my small press, Shadow Archer Press.)
Wow, you need to check out Sandy's work.  She is so talented. 
So this is one of the pieces I'm entering to Sandy's challenge.  Twist of Soul and Heart- it's a mixed media beeswax collage using Graphic 45 sand other papers, a vintage Victorian photograph, metal embellishments from my stash of things I pick up from the side of the road when walking  (my eyes are just drawn to anything metallic on the ground) and one of my statements devised to make viewers think of the Victorians as more than a bunch of stodgy folks in stiff clothes.  I also added some gold leaf, Perfect Pearls, Golden Interference metallic paint and chalky blue oil pastels for that dash of glamor.


  1. So glad you found me through G45. Admire how you incorporated those found objects into your collage. I love to do the same - giving new and unexpected life to old items.
    And thanks for the shout out for my challenge.

  2. Thank You for your kind comments on my blog. I will take it as high praise after reading your bio and cruising around your awesome blog.
    Love your beeswax collage, (something I have only daubled with) Your blog is an inspirational stop. I will be back for sure.
    Keep smiling and creating.
    PS I am an avid reader and I was a scribbler of words long before I started scrapbooking.

  3. That's beautiful! Definitely not stodgy. I love seeing authors who branch out to different art forms, particularly since the arts all tend to feed one another.


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