Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lunar Moth Summons

In between lots of gardening - cleaning and preparing my flower beds, I managed to start the second concept for the cover of my next book of poetry, Lunar Moth Lessons.
I've had the idea of an arch in mind thanks to all the inspiration from the Gothic Arches Challenges - so much talent and diversity in styles and techniques.  And so many of the entries have that lovely mix of gothic, grunge, Victorian all tied up together - plus  lots of romantic historical figures featured in the layouts.
This time I created a mixed media collage using both paint and beeswax encaustic. Lunar Moth Summons features a copyright free figure from the late 1800's paintings, Spes or Hope by Sir Edward Burne-Jones. I own a hand-tinted photogravure of this figure who was modeled by Mary or Maria Casssavetti Zambaco. I think she's lovely and was excited to work with this image Burne-Jones created.  Two originals of the figure painted in different versions and colors exist as far as I know, a watercolor in the Dunedin Gallery in New Zeland and an oil in the Boston Museum of Art in Boston, Mass.
For my mixed media collage, I enclosed her within a copper Gothic arch as she's reaching out towards the lunar moth as if calling him to teach her about the night.  I painted the background in metallic and acrylic paints and added collage elements, a map of France, a Graphic 45 botanical tag, K & Co. flowers and dragonfly, an astrological sun/moon, a not so vintage stamp of a mountain landscape and a medieval alchemist holding an alembic.  I'm still considering whether to add 3D elements like I did with the first concept, such as flowers, Tim Holtz metal items or crystals. I'm still deciding.  Once again, I returned to my favorite colors - cobalt blue, copper and an almost translucent green which I accentuated using Perfect Pearls. .


  1. This reminds me of a Welsh saint. St Dwynwen the Welsh patron saint of love. Don't ask me why this is what sprung to mind when I looked at your lovely arch...

  2. This will make one beautiful book cover. Thanks for stopping by to leave me a sweet comment on my blog too.


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