Monday, July 11, 2011

over 50,000 words on Orchidelerim

As the Upstate Steampunk Extravaganza draws near and as I interact with steampunk folks more often, not to mention, that they are all writers, artists, musicians, costumers, mechanics, electrical engineers, I find myself inclined to impose goals and deadlines on myself.  As a photojournalist, editor and publisher, I had to of course always meet deadlines and hold others to them, but with my novel writing, I've had only vague notions of deadlines. And one of my goals in January was to complete at least one novel, which I did, Shaman in Exile, so a second novel would be gravy.  But with the steampunk world steaming up, especially in this area, and my fascination with all things Victorian and a recent yet growing interest in science, I'm finding it more fun and less struggle as the novel moves forward and the characters actually write the story themselves.  Some of them have thrown me off track, veering into their own realms, and so I've followed, knowing from Shaman Circus, that this is the last sprint, the more the characters dictate plot, they more they develop as characters and the better the story.  I am no longer in very much control but feel like someone taking dictation. All the easier for me - except I'm now compelled to the keyboard when I'd prefer to finish a movie, or in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning when I should be getting ready for work.  But there it is, the writing experience, the writing magic, if you will, which occurs when you least expect it like a divine gift and leads you merrily to your conclusion (often not quite so merrily in my novels).
So I'm happy to report, that while listening to the goth band ThouShaltNot, (a little bit The Cure, a little bit Peter Murphy) I've met my writing goal for this weekend despite no air conditioning and 90+ degree temps.  51,091 words now on steampunk novel, Orchidelirium, averaging 3,000 words a weekend, which is poor compared to my writing days when I didn't work full time, but good for me now, when I do need some downtime to watch movies or socialize on the weekends.  And gathering experiences and influences has always been a major part of my writing, in addition to research.
In between the research, the story is now writing itself as I enter the Zone. New characters are entering the story and the locales are so vivid I can taste, touch, smell and walk about their fascinating places.  Indeed, despite all the trials and travails I would surely love to live in this world.
I even found time to sketch some of the supporting characters, as well, Mignotte and Lazar. And I'm also reading Gypsey Teague's Victoria X, finding her different take on Victorian England to be quite informative.

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