Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Olde Curisoty Shoppe goodies from Graphic 45

I am really feeling the temptation now that Graphic 45 is unveiling more and more of their wonderful items form the new Olde Curiosity collection. Okay - these are the ultimate teases - and more goodies in the form of rubber stamps from Shoppe collection.  I must have all of these to make a curiosity cabinet! And more goodies in the form of diecut tags.
 I've loved the Victorian method of storing all sorts of odd items in curiosity cabinets and the way a wall of apothecary jars looks and now those looks come together in this great collection.
I talked about the papers in a previous post and they've also shown more of what the papers include - all of this as they prepare to head out to CHA to reveal all their latest designs.  I only wish I had a shop which carried them nearby!
I know already that I will be making a curiosity cabinet and one of those trays with the moveable dividers and a trunk and a spiral bound mini album as well.  I think these are my favorites.  I love them even more than the steampunk collection.  Only with in the last tow years have a come to a strange interest in science (astrophysics, quantum physics, chemistry (although I've read books on alchemy for years) and botany and this collection ties all of this together. I think the scientists were the real trailblazers at the turn of the 1900's! 
So what will you make out there?  I can't wait to see the you tube videos when this line is released for sale.

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