Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jeff's AT Story moved

Hello all -
I just realized that I'm going to be writing so much about my son's journey along the Appalachian Trail that I needed to create a second blog and since The Shaman Papers is now getting over 1,000 hits a day, I hope you'll follow. I'm calling it Carolina Appalachian Trail Mom and here it is

Zach Davis was my Inspiration to start writing about Jeff and his journey. So now I must admit, I've been frantic since Jeff left although I was only excited before he left. And Beth, my daughter, has been near hysterical, while my granddaughter Kendall totally takes it in stride.  She's used to Uncle Jeff doing unusual things.  So to stay sane I read lots of blogs and found one, The Good Badger, which while not altogether soothing, is funny, irreverent, honest and psychological.  The Good Badger's Appalachian Blog is what inspired me to start my own blog - as both my personal therapy and a catalog Jeff's experience since he may not get to blog or You Tube.  Zach Davis, author of  Appalachian Trials,  has a unique psychological approach which got me and I can't wait to receive his book from Amazon. See you over there and please follow me as it will mean a great deal to me and hope some enjoyment for you, if you check in from time to time.


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