Sunday, April 7, 2013

Arts and the Village at the West end

This past March has been a hectic, busy month, now that Szag Randahl and I are now showing our art in the
same gallery, Les Beaux Arts.  I spent weeks getting ready, framing, getting the professional materials together, new business cards, wall decal for my section, etc, never dreaming that the hardest thing to find would be a nice wall-mounted business card holder.
It's been a while since I've blogged but all for good reason. My doctors have now found a good combination of meds to treat my fibromyalgia and I'm feeling closer to normal than I have in a long time.  I still have to go slow, pain attention to the pain and signs of exhaustion, but I seem to be managing it a bit better - not where I want to be, especially due to all the work I wanted to do on my current paintings but also the quest for helping Szag find an art studio where he could also live full time.
We finally did at the old Poe Mill business office, a turn of the century building of studios and apartments, less than five minutes from Les Beaux Arts on Pendleton Street. His new place has huge mill windows, crumbling brick walls, and all the smells and ambiance of a historic building - including some of the difficulties such as heat.  But he has it all figured out, if not unpacked and we've had a number of great art and philosophical discussions on all sorts of topics from the art scene in Greenville to the quantum theories.After all, while his masters is in entertainment business and art, his minor is in philosophy.

I've visited the galleries and shops in the Pendleton Street Arts District, now known as the Village at the Far West End and have met more artists, while I'm working on an encaustic project, a series of panels on the Village, past and present. So far I have two large panels in progress, with two or three more to create.  I'm trying to capture the changing nature of the area surrounding Brandon Mill, incorporating facades of the old buildings from the time when I lived in The Village Studios to now.  Many of the artists have changed galleries since that time, but there are those who are fully committed - The Art Bomb, Jim Gorman, Joseph Bradley, Dabney Mahanes, Julie Hughes-Shakbie, those who've moved in since I moved out of the Village Studios, which  include Lily's Pottery, Crave, 'Becca's, Janina Turkarski, Grey Thompson, Artisan Traders, The Barbers' Gallery and then newcomers like the Asaid food truck, Crystal's, The Zen House.
At Les Beaux Arts, we'll have over 30 artists showing their works, once the gallery is filled. We had our soft opening on March 30th, will have a grand opening sometime in May or June and are open on Tuesdays through Saturdays 11-9 and of course, on first Fridays for the gallery crawl.

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