Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A View of Tibet

In my painting on cradled wood with oils, I've come to love how rich the colors are - like jewel tones. I'm
enjoying painting figures this go round which seems to be pretty prolific so far, six paintings started three finished in l3ess than two weeks and I'm living in two places at once, my house and my daughter's.  I can draw at my daughters but my painting and encaustic style is way too messy (especially since I do the encaustics in my kitchen on  my stove) for my daughter's taste so I have to wait until I get home to paint.
I finished this Tibetan woman a few days ago and just now have painted the sides. She's done in oils with a small bit of Golden interference acrylic paint.  I know, I know, you can't mix oils and acrylics because the acrylic dries way before the oils - a few hours versus up to ten days or two weeks, so the acrylics will crack.  I want the acrylics to crack.  I want to give it an antique look so we'll see how this little experiment works out.  I haven't done the r4esearch but I don't know if there are any oil paints with interference qualities.  I've fallen in love with Golden's line of them but only have a few because I rarely paint in acrylic.  It dries to quickly for me.  I paint with oils mostly wet on wet because I love the blending capability.  But I'm an immediate gratification kind of gal so I don't spend weeks of even months like some oil painters do.  I often finish a piece in one day and then touch it up for a day or two. I'm not sure what the title will be so that will have to come to me.  I also met with my women's group today and that was great after seven months to those who attended.  We had a great time and I ran into a new/old friend who goes to the Greenville Jungian group events with me so he and I will get together soon.  It's unfortunate they just started on their second book club series and I couldn't register in time but I'm looking forward to their program on The Red Book in March as both an artist and a huge fan of Jung.
Well I just noticed I got green paint all over a brand new pair of slacks.  I'm too inpatient to change into painting clothes.  I lost a lot of wait while I was going through chemo so have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Silly me, I'll have to dig out the old larger clothes just to wear to paint.   

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