Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Location - Mason Street Studios

I'm now completely moved into my new studio at Mason Street Studios deep in the heart of the Village of West Greenville.  I'm so excited!  It's located at 2 Mason Street, right off of Pendleton rd., the main drag in the village, and we're behind the Flatiron building where Patricia Kilburg, Janina Ellis, Joseph Bradley, Darin Gerhke, and the Greshenkos have their galleries.  Teresa Roche's Art and Light is right around the corner on Aiken Street, one street over and Midtown Artery, Dabney Mahanes, Julia Shackbie Hughes, Knack, Crave, The Village Studios, Village Traders, Naked Pasta and the Art Bomb are all within walking distance.
I held my first show, "Savoring the Beach," featuring oils, landscapes and encaustics on cradled wood, on September 4th for our monthly first Friday gallery crawl and we had a great turnout.  Upcycle artist, Joyce Reece, complimented the ocean theme with her gorgeous collection of lighthouses, as well as some of her Native American and fall landscapes.  What turned out to be a crawl ended up as the Summer September Storm party of 2015, as a raging thunderstorm with high winds that toppled trees and hail kept our visitors a captive audience.  So we ended up with impromptu songs, live art installations, coloring contests and acting from our visitors, not the residents.  They entertained us! I was lucky to see a lot of friendly faces and meet some new friends.  We ended up with four people who worked at Roger C. Peace Hospital, four people interested in art therapy, investors, realtors, nurses, business owners, and other diverse occupations, all weathering the storm and having a good time, many staying right until closing.   Since then its been a busy time painting and doing art history research. I've finished a number of landscapes for a future show, morphed and distorted like I do. Perhaps they are more like dreamscapes. I also painted 8 to 10 heads. I'm not sure why, I may have been inspired by the advertising for the " Making Faces" show held at the Greenville Center for creative arts. Part of my desire to paint faces was the pursuit to capture emotions. I kept striving to create expressions which viewers could relate to. I guess my 15 years working in the psychological field fuels my constant interest in psychology, Carl Jung, and human nature contributors to my fascination for emotional content in my artwork. So for November First Friday I held the show, "Heads - A Struggle Towards Authenticity." We had a great turnout considering it wad Open Studio and rainy and it was fun because Joyce and I have been joined by two new artists: Freda Beaty,Va jewelry designer and Alice Rattatree, a n illustrator of children s books.

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