Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shaman Circus book signing at Milagro Studios recap

What a remarkable evening at Fais do do, a Celebration to New Orleans at Milagro Studios in Greenville, SC. It was my first book signing for my magical realism/dark fantasy novel, Shaman Circus and I was very nervous beforehand, as much as for my first art show. But there was no need. It turned out to be so much fun, thanks to all of the activities planned by gallery owner, Suzanne Vitti and gallery artist, Kay Larch and chef and snow cone maker extraordinaire, Dave Vitti.
I experienced the warmest of feelings when I first pulled up to the curb in front of the gallery and saw a number of my friends from the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism – a group which recreates the Middle Ages) looking for the gallery. Wow, it was remarkable to see them all there!
Dave made this amazing gumbo and mini beignets, rolling the dough in confectioner’s sugar as people chatted and took in the amazing array of art: mosaic style paintings of Marie Laveaux, Frida Kahlo, elaborate skulls, and more by Kay Larch, tiles, pottery and an incredible New Orleans panel, complete with references to absinthe. (hint, hint, we need an enterprising individual to come and purchase the panel and build an absinthe cafĂ© around it), bold expressionistic paintings by Eric Benjamin, and wrought iron by Ryan Calloway, including a spider web garden gate as our entrance!
I had been as nervous as my cat, Shadow, during a thunderstorm beforehand, but the Cajun music and atmosphere was so incredible, most of my tension fell away with the ambiance. Even the sultry heat transported us to New Orleans as patrons wandered around sno cones in hand, even into the little courtyard with its herb garden and New Orleans secrecy.
We were slammed full most of the evening and it was wonderful to see so many friends show up, some from as far away as Atlanta, some getting away from very hectic days. I eventually relaxed enough to enjoy the conversations and write inscriptions.
Unfortunately, Suzanne who had planned this event for months had pneumonia and missed it. She called frequently and we all felt sorry she couldn’t see the fun she and her husband provided for everyone’s enjoyment. It was a unique experience for the Pendleton St. Arts District.
There’s a lot of things I should have done, such as accept Bethany’s offer to take photos. But I wanted her to have fun (not work – she is a professional photographer as well as awesome fused glass jeweler). My daughter had expected to come and take photos, but she was held up at the hospital with a family friend.
All in all, it wasn’t as stressful as I’d feared and I’m so grateful to all the people who came out to make the events such a great experience.


  1. I had a wonderful time, too! I love my copy of Shaman Circus even more, now that it's properly signed by the author! (Thank you so much, Gail)
    I, too tried to take pictures, but my camera wasn't working! Well, the picture of all those hundreds of people drifting in to check out your amazing book will stay in my mind forever!
    Let's do it again sometime soon!!!

  2. I had a wonderful time and was so glad I could get out there to see you and give you my congratulations. So exciting, your first book signing. I hope they only get better from here!

  3. Congratulations. It sounds like the perfect event for your book. I'm glad to hear it went well.


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