Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trudging and Travails

Two steampunk submissions are now in circulation and as it turns out, I may turn The Foxglove Broadsides into a novella or perhaps a series of steampunk short stories set in the same part of Kensington, UK involving the same characters.  I'm enjoying the opportunity to play with science, botany, and the printing industry of the 1800's, incorporating a clamshell press I saw in an antique store in Columbia, SC, during a,memorable visit to a friend who provided a tour of arcane bookstores and antique shops.  We even discussed, in a somewhat offhand manner,how to transport the two ton piece of glorious machinery to my house.  The press was a work of art in and of itself with its art noveau styling.  It also appeared quite serviceable.  But alas, it's weight deterred me. So now it lives in my reality through it's place in two of  my stories. This way, I am able to own and operate it with ease through my characters, Cecile Bainbridge and Nathanial Cooper. Talk about ways to shift dimensions, time and space.  Writers get to do it at all time.
On a less Victorian note,  I've been offline for a while for a series of reasons which include, lack of time due to setting up and initiating  the new Arts Activity program at the head injury program, some health issues and a vicious virus which has rendered my regular computer out of service.  Due to the latter, and other forms of thuggery and protection rackets perpetrated by the banks, cable companies, cell phone companies, utilities and Internet is it any wonder I prefer to wander about in an alternate time?

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  1. Ewww, I hate getting viruses on my computer! It ruins my day and makes me cranky. I don't get them much anymore thanks to my iron clad security system. It's like the computer's immune system on steroids! :)


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