Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Graphic 45 Steampunk

Writing and art go hand in hand at my house and I often work on art as I write my novels and short stories.  For Shaman Circus and Shaman in Exile, I painted a series of paintings, for Foxglove Broadsides, I'm creating art journals for my Etsy, but also a massive one for myself.  It's Steampunk and Victorian themed and it's almost full.  I'll have to start another.  Yesterday I created a collage, which may end up being on the cover or may end up framed.  I've fallen in love with Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutane and Botanica papers and tags.  They're the most beautiful altered art papers on the market in my opinion and I hope they come out with more on a steampunk theme. They have a real feel for the Victorian and Art Noveau eras.  
On the large collages I also get to use the found objects find  every time I walk somewhere. My friends know how I stop and pick up every piece of scrap metal I see - sometimes for 3D  assemblages and sometimes for art journals and altered books.
This collage is called "Into the Aether" and relates to my character, Cecile Bainbridge, the Botanist of Deadly plants in Foxglove, who becomes a reluctant hot air balloon pilot of The Midnight Sun, a hot air balloon which only flies a night. It incorporates vintage photographs, key, clockwork parts and stamps with found metal objects.  And I always have fun embossing real copper (from a roll of copper chimney flashing found at Home Depot).

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