Monday, August 30, 2010

Upstate Steampunk Meetup

There's nothing like the local steampunk meetups of Upstate Steampunk to get me inspired.  This was another fun meeting at the gorgeous hotel where they are holding the Con in November and it's a Victorian Dream.  We sat in the lobby for a while, then adjourned to the wine room throwing out all sorts of ideas.  It was such a variety of people, Gypsey, Marla, Elsa, Ophelia, Sarah and her sister (I can't remember but I think her name is Debbie) many in steampunk gear - we all tend to shop at goodwill or other thrift stores and now have too many really cool outfits to wear at just one con.  I love it, we have the same kind of talks my family has at Christmas on how little we paid for really cool stuff.  This month's highlights were boots- especially Sarah Madison's witchy pointy toe boots.  I found a killer corset for $4.25, new with the tags still inside, just the day before, only because it was hanging on the end of a rack.  I wasn't shopping for clothes, but was hunting for items to use in the art journals - no luck on that score, but did do some early Christmas shopping, found an organzier for all my art journal supplies which previously end up spread out on my bed. 
Another Sarah and Braxton from the brilliant band, Valentine Wollfe handed out free a CD, Five Nocturnes,  which actually, by my count, has eight of their songs.  And it's amazing.  Sarah has a beautiful operatic voice and Braxton plays double bass in the Greenville Symphony/ On the Valentine Wolfe CD's he makes his bass do incredible things (I love the Romney style melodies he plays) and he also does electronica music.  I can't wait to see them live at the Con - and in addition they are really cool and intelligent people. They have a new CD coming out at the con called Crimson Masquerade, so I can't wait to hear that one as well. Plus Sarah makes the most amazing mini top hats, tricorn hats and Steampunk garments - very original and available on her Etsy. 
I brought my Steampunk Art Journal and it made the rounds, from established steampunk friends to newcomers just learning about the genre.
There were so many interesting conversations - Vendors who will be at the con, discussing their wares, such as Ophelia from Studio Clocktower,  handed out our business cards.  Gypsey taught us how she makes her copper walking sticks with glow in the dark handles - and we also had  a chance to talk to a lot of the people who were at the hotel with other groups.  So many folks asked us all about steampunk and we enjoyed telling them.  A girls' soccer team even wanted their pictures taken with us.
So if you are thinking of coming out and joining us, don't hesitate. Brandon and Jennifer were there talking about some of their plans for the gaming activities (which is in another stunning room) and we requested that the bartender ask the higher ups to stock absinthe for the Con weekend.
I am so inspired that a couple of my chapters in Foxglove Broadsides will be set at a hotel modeled on the Greenville Marriott, Pelham Road.  I'm probably going to move the hotel to Paris because my characters don't leave Europe, but I have to use it now.  The setting is just too perfect for espionage and a meeting of my revolutionaries.

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