Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dias de la Muertos Beeswax Encaustic

I've finally had a bit of free time to do art. While, Kendall and Savannah spent  yesterday outside doing their arts and crafts on this perfect fall day, I took this opportunity to play for the first time with mixed media beeswax encaustic collage.  I ended up starting five and finishing four for the Dias de la Muertos show I'm participating in at Milagro Studios during the First Friday gallery crawl November 5th.  There may be three older oil paintings and perhaps my mixed media 3-D assemblages (still debating since they're rather fragile)  and I plan to do at least one shadow box for the show.  I love working with beeswax.  I've been hunting for this effect for years - that old Victorian look with it's dark Poe-like effects and the aged yellow appearance the beeswax provides.
Since Nick Bantock's, Griffin and Sabine books, I've been fascinated with mixed media and collage. In my early days of painting I produced a number of of collages.  But then stepped away from it except in my art journals to work with oil paints in the standard manner.
I didn't know how to get this effect until I saw videos by Jack and Cat Curios and Suze Weinberg. Now,  I've discovered this is my medium.
I wanted to work with a couple of nontraditional Day of the Dead themes: the first delves into my philosophy about delirium vivens - the passion to exist, a concept (in addition to many others) introduced by the character Conchis at his villa, Bourani (Greek for skull ) in the novel, The Magus, by John Fowles.
I chose a Burne Jones man clad in stylized black leather armor running through the ocean (emotion). The Ouija board represents the subconscious here while the crow, skulls and skeleton are quite obvious in their symbolism. 
The second harkens back to the second Crow movie, which featured a moody Day of the Dead festival

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