Friday, October 29, 2010

Immersion - a Halloween poem


To make sense -
 meet purpose with desire,
the crafting… or
forgiving of everwhere,
the mastering/inclusion of could have beens,
as plentiful as pomegranate seeds
the what ifs and never seens,
                              not to be shared.

Energy: elastic in circulatory dance.

Woodsmoke and  waterside breath
mists shoulders,
as subtle as a crow’s gaze,
head tilted in Socratic inquiry.
Meet on crossroads, the earthen path strewn.
Composting leaves of memory -
the baseline to our centers, transformed
beneath the pungent decay, the autumn aroma of meaning
Swipe the veils of gauzy hope away,  
 trembling hands;
ever aware.
Silk drags the debris
                     of before;
footsteps past,
still present in a cyclical universe.  
colliding collage,
sliding symbols like an adept. A duo
of thumb pads, shift -
click the puzzle tiles,
a backseat game,
             trees and shore flashing by.
            Creative flux,
   annihilates the abstract            
                                     one tile
                                        strikes home. 

                                                                       - G.G.


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