Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Past, Present Future Spirals

The Fates or Furies - Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos have been making their presence known in my life.  While they have hung around in the background in the past, their touch was more subtle, through metaphor, but recently they've been highly insistent with all the blunt force trauma of an ancient celt to the head. The thread of their insistence was  too prominent to ignore.
The first incident occurred when John and I went to see Cloud Atlas. Granted I was pr4epared for a treat after seeing the previews, but had no idea the movie would be the best kaleidescopic epic I'd ever seen, not just in the visuals, but in the storylines as well.  The theater was almost abandoned, but even though it was a matinees, I thought there would be more people there.  Hopefully that was just the case in the south, and other parts of the country saw higher attendance, but perhaps its one of those films where those who need to see it will, and it may gain a following over time.
 The cast sweated over this one and each member of the cast brought their best to the many changes facets of the role(s) they played.  Tom Hanks was frighteningly brilliant - I can't think of a better word.  No actor I've ever seen has taken on such a task and his performance is still hard to wrap my head around.
Jim Broadbent and Haile Berry were mesmerizing in their roles as well. Watching the three left me with my jaw dropping wonder and profound gratitude which is also due to the producers and directors finding the for never giving up on raising the money to produce the most expensive Indie film so far . I can't wait to read David Mitchell's book and I'm glad I saw the movie first because so often they can't offer as much as the book. I'll have to watch the movie over and over to catch all the nuances of his characters - including the fact he learned a language not of this earth.
John announced it was his favorite movie of all time - and it's dueling it out with my top slot - but I need to see it again and again because I know I missed so much beneath the many layers.
The second thread of connections was in regard to Shadow Archer Press - I can't ignore three events reminding me how much I enjoyed discovering revolutionary authors and poets, finding cover artists and putting the books together.  First I saw the Facebook invitation for UK artist Steve Viner's, art opening, who created a number of covers for the press as well as the cover of my novel.  If I had the money, that would have been all the incentive I needed to fulfill of llfe-long dream of going to England.  I so wish I could have been there to support him in this pivotal event in his art career.
  And then I received Tim Speaker's book of poetry Le Saison de Moyenne,  The Mean Season  in the mail and it is just the type of book I would have jumped at when I had the time and resources to run the press. Disturbing, profound, invasive in the way it makes one think about things they don't want to but need to.  I'm going to contact him and see if he has enough poetry for another volume and that will be the starting point for me opening the press back up.  in addition, John Gordon, frequent short story contributor to fissure Magazine has another story for me to read which will make enough for a chapbook with the stories he sent me a few years ago. I'll have the time now to return to a business I loved more than any other work I did, even though I loved many of the jobs and small businesses over the years.   
The third thread, of course, related back to Jung and the in depth studies I've been doing over the past six months. Cloud Atlas, alchemy, quantum physics and a number of other threads are coming together in a way they haven't before. It's hard to describe because its internal but the books have been showing up again in thrift stores and at flea markets, along with a number of break through dreams.
Funny how when we refuse to look in the right direction, the universe catches us with a string of events which can't be ignored.  Often, I need to be hit over the head to change my perception and perspective but am highly rewarded when I do, even though it requires some heavy duty and painful self examination and soul searching.

Sometimes there are stark reminders that all is not as we think it is. Physicists now talk about how the world is as we perceive it rather than just is. Our view of the world, the universe, and all its wonders may be different from every other single human being's view. All we have to do is take the time to look.

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