Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shaman in Exile - back on track

So it all seems to be coming together - all on the same day.  Sometimes synchronicity is so majestic it makes me shudder. I've been working in my head on the ending for Shaman in Exile, changing some angles in some of the plot lines, filling out new characters and waiting for two days together when I have the stamina to write the last chapter (I'd already written one but that may not be the one that stays).  I see two new doctors in December so that should help with the other half of my health issues.
Then today I get an email from Steve Viner, artist extraordinaire, after his show in England and he was wondering what was up with Shadow Archer Press and he wants to get painting. So I wrote he's agreed to doing the cover art for Shaman in Exile, and perhaps another book of short stories by a many time Fissure author. 
Steve has been one of my go to cover artists since his work is so profoundly odd and disturbing. Along with the cover for my novel,  Shaman Circus, he did the covers for for the books The Winter King by Michael Aaron Casares, The Holy Hermaphrodite by Antony Hitchin, Tinted Steam by Constance Stadler, and the as co-creator of The Moulding of Seers by Petra Whitely where Steve did the cover and interior illustrations. 
Shortly after I sent the last message to Steve, a new song came up that's the perfect song to write the last chapter - it says it all.  I won't name the song yet, it's just been released. And then onto the editing which I usually like to do in January and February when there are not so many other distractions such as Open Studios, Steampunk Cons, etc.
And I'm off this weekend to the Upstate Steampunk Con in Anderson, SC which promises to be the best yet as our numbers are growing and some of the technical creations of the mechanical wizards in our group are magnificent.  I won't be on any panels this year but will enjoy attending some - there's so many delicious offerings.
Now I have to get back to work on the Shadow Archer Press Website. For some reasons, it took off a lot of the art and photography - so I'll have to get all that fixed. 
Above cover art is one of my favorite pieces by Steve. It's not the cover for Shaman in Exile, but it's one of my favorites of his works which we haven't published. 

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