Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Emerging out of hermit status?

While the weekend started in my customary way... writing, it soon veered off the hermit path after a single  poem.  Due to the gorgeous weather and need for warm weather clothing, I did a mini thrift store haunt, starting at Junior League where everything you could stuff in large paper bag was only $8.  I found five things for me, including a jacket perfect for steampunk using some of my old SCA metallic buttons, five things for Kendall and a book on the Voyager 1 & 2 space programs.  Then onto L's on Augusta where I picked up another steampunk jacket this one a soft gray which I've had my eye on for months at 1/2 off and some tops for work, then onto Goodwill where they must have just put out there spring items, because I came away with 15 items for 22 bucks.  I did spring $4.25 for a funky trendy cotton skirt because that's the only fabric I like to wear when the temps get over 90 degrees.   Normally, I hate clothes shopping.  I don't have the patience, but usually twice a year at the first smell of spring or fall I try and go out and find matching items all at once to wear for the entire upcoming 2 seasons.  My only disappointment was that skirts were in short supply and I much prefer skirts to even capri slacks in the summer.  My average cost of each item was under $1.00!  Can't beat that.
On Sunday Lindy, Vicki, Julia and I went downtown, Lindy and I ate at the new Carolina Ale House - yummy with great service and headed to the St. Patrick's Day, Return of the Green, bagpipes bring tears to my eyes still.  WE topped it off with a beer at a new little corner pub called, On the Roxx in the West End. 
In between I did a bit of writing, working on Fireworks.  So all in all a busy weekend.

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