Thursday, March 24, 2011

Out Out Hermit and magical realism

Trying to write but lately it's been feeling a lot more like work and isn't flowing like it was before.  
This is most likely due to the hectic few weeks at work at the brain injury center with lots of time away from the office. First, there was a conference in Columbia, SC with a  decent talk on  technology for those with brain injury. On the fun side, we took some of our clients to an outing to see "Limitless" which was quite good except for the rushed and unexplained ending of how all things suddenly worked out for the hero, without any explanations on how he pulled it off.  Big no no in the novel world.  Doesn't work in the movies either, as far as I'm concerned.
Then I spent part of a Saturday volunteering at the Run for Thought which raises money for brain injury survivors. And yesterday we had another outing to the Harley Davidson store and Quaker State and Lube, 19 of us, only 5 of us staff.  Wow, it was hectic, to say the least but I never knew how impressive a Harley Davidson store was. 
So in my free time, I've done a little editing on other writer;s work and am planning my roadtrip to see Salman Rushdie speak at Duke Univ. in April,. I've worked a bit on Fireworks, most of a new chapter, but there are scientific kinks to work out. In between doing research, and thanks to the inspiration form stories in publications like Danse Macabre, sein und werden, and Mad Hatter's Review, I worked on reviving Two Ruffians and a Rat, with a new twist. It's a challenge to get back into the pace and style, but I like the characters and the style  so hope I can get back into the mindset. Now, this one requires research too. Why do I do this to myself?
Ther4e are lots of practical issues to attend to now with the house, my garden, etc. 

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