Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yoke not Yokel

My tulips and daffodils are up and the next door neighbor's cherry tree displays burst buds on it already.  We've enjoyed spring for almost two weeks now and it has lightened my mood immensely.  Several art projects are going well, one I can't talk about yet, since it's still in progress and is a gift, but it feels great to be creative with my hands again.
I did however end up with a short story which wrote itself as I tried to sleep Friday night.  It' another absurdist magical realism piece which has to do with fate, hazard and solar flares.
Once again synchronicity hit.
I'd been trying to watch the news on our local channel - (I don't have any cable or satellite TV) and the channel kept going off and on.  It was frustrating.  So I went to work on an art project and forgot about it.  But when I laid down to try and sleep, the story ran rampant in my head to the point I couldn't scribble it in a notebook fast enough sop had to come type at least part of it out. It's commentary on a couple of issues, a bit of science and weird science, a tad of psychology and a dash of philosophy.  It wrote itself fast as this type does, a type of writing I started with a series of odd short stories called "Two Ruffians and a Rat." I've named the new short, "Yoke not Yokel" and it's been a fun trip.  I have little tidying up to do on it today but then may submit as it this one worked in an oddly easy way.
I guess I needed a break from the daily slam schedule on the novel.  The chapters are still coming together in my head as I work with my hands.
I can't wait to post photos of my work on here!  I feel like a cat with lots of colored feathers sticking out of its mouth with a huge grin on its face.    

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