Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Fridays and Famers Markets

May continues as a major art month in Greenville, SC, with over 30 galleries and art studios in the Pendleton Street Arts District.  Once again we made the rounds and saw old friends and new at the various galleries.  One highlight was to meet Charles Pate, the son of sculptor, Charlie Pate, JR  Charles came to my attention via the news when his sculpture of a man carving himself out of a tree was unveiled on the corner of Main and Perry.  It's an amazing lifesize piece rigorous in its action exquisite in its detail.  Awe inspiring, indeed.  And then Lindy, Vicki, Julia and I all agreed how a painting by Charles looked so much like our friend, Homer, the musician.  We stood in aw in front of the massive portrait full of lights and strength. We chatted with friends, Teresa at Art & Light Gallery and Suzanne at Millagro Studios, Urban Peacock (Kavita) at The Village Studios, along with Tricia Earle and Dabney Mahanes, and Julia and Vicki, who collect art form all the cities they live in, purchased another. This time it was one of the crow drawings by Dabney. 
Saturday was a fun morning with another local favorite event, the weekly downtown Farmer's Market. Tents are set up on Main street outside the Westin Poinsett and local produce, cheeses, plants, art, pottery. I brought my sketchbook with me and worked on another drawing while waiting for Mark and then we sauntered around where I bought some tomatoes and hand-shelled peas.  And we always enjoy our breakfast by Soby on the Side.
So of course, this means the writing is not happening right now, but it is re-energizing to be drawing again.  Drawing is not my usual approach to paint, I like color and texture, so collage, assemblages and paintings offered me more satisfaction in the past.  But now for some reason, I'm finding it highly rewarding to sketch - getting back to my fascination with the face and figure. 
I'm also framing some artwork, some of my own for future shows and some for my daughter's new condo.  She has been building a collection of original art since she was in her early twenties and now has quite a nice variety of art all by Greenville artists.

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  1. ...I haven't been to Greenville's art festivals, but visited Charleston's, down through Augusta's two years ago, and dreaded leaving. Such beautiful creations, it even kept the kids interested:)



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