Sunday, June 12, 2011

Upstate Steampunk at the Velo Fellow

What a great time at the Velo Fellow (located in downtown Greenville, S,C beneath Mellow Mushroom) for the Upstate Steampunk group for our June 2011 dining out. The minute I walked in the door, I loved the ingenuity in the decor - the Tesla touches, the salvaged industrial items turned into everything from tables to lighting. Everywhere you looked there were Victorian and Steampunk touches - the owners must have ransacked a number of outmoded architectural and industrial sites to dig up such goodies. Black leather wing chairs and couch for relaxing, high tops, low tops, shuffle board and not to mention the massive Victorian era bicycle on the wall -- all just to welcome both the road-weary or adventurous time traveler.    
Organizers extraordinaire, Gypsey and Marla found us the perfect place, a publik house like the old days where you go to hang out with old friends, (Bethany and Michelle, Marcus, Braxton and Sarah, Elizabeth and Tara, Josh, Minerva and meet new ones such as Tina (jeweler) and Morlowe (diesel punk).  The conversations rushed and rambled from jewelry making to DYI mechanics and electronics, music to quantum physics, creativity to making goggles.  The atmosphere was charged up with insights, inspiration and ideas (as was Josh in the parking lot with his fire display from his handmade electrical finger mini flame thrower device. Steampunkers were already placing orders just from this one demo).  
The staff were awesome, the menu diverse (everything from real genuine sheperds' pie with beef, lamb, veggies and mashed potatoes to fried green tomatoes or fried dill pickles. The bar is awesome with micro breweries on hand for the beer lovers, not to mention more than one make of Absinthe on the shelves. Death in the Afternoon - Absinthe and champagne was the drink of the evening at our table.  -  
The wait staff was on point all night, the food top rate - all proving the owners and staff of The Velo Fellow knows their way to the steampunk clockwork heart.
Addendum:  As an added bonus - a reconnection with the Steampunk world (now encapsulated in the Velo Fellow) I was inspired to get back to writing my steampunk novel, Orchidelirum, and have added another chapter - only a few more to go and it will be finished and ready for editing! Marla and Gypsey nailed me and yes I have now signed up to do a presentation on "The Psychology of Steampunk" and accepted a slot at the author's table at the Upstate Steampunk Extravaganza to be held Sept. 30-Oct 2.  That serves as incentive to finish the novel!  

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