Monday, February 8, 2010

Dacre Stoke, relation of Bram Stoker at SC Book Festival

I thought it was quite interesting to learn that Dacre Stoker, great-grand nephew of Bram Stoker, will be at the SC Book Festival in Columbia, SC on Feb. 27th and 28th. He lives in South Carolina and will be speaking on the 28th.  The festival website has the book, co-written with Ian Holt, a Dracula historian, listed under fantasy, which I found rather odd since the novel is titled, "Dracula, The Undead."    The book is listed on the book's website as the sequel to the original classic. I consider this horror, but perhaps the Festival is afraid to use the term horror?  They don't have a category listed for horror and I can't imagine a book festival of that size without horror writers involved on some level. They don't have a category for magical realism either, which surprised me.
I haven't read the book so can't say much more, but did find this an unusual development for Carolina horror readers.

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