Saturday, February 6, 2010

Juggling book signings

A lot of people have been asking me when I'll be having the book readings/signings for Shaman Circus.  I'm working on a schedule, but due to a new job (started the day before the book was released) and family responsibilities, it may be more towards spring before things come together.
At least for Greenville, SC,  I'm thinking something like the events I hosted when I released The Howling magazine.  Those were mixed media events, which required lots of planning with music, an art show, etc. 
In addition, there are a number of local and regional authors I'd like to include to make it a more fun and broad-spectrum event for everyone.
Since I have a close connection with the Pendleton Street Art District, I'm hoping for something in that area.  It was my home for a while when I lived in my art studio and where I wrote a good bit of the second shaman novel. I also wrote many short stories at The Village Studios, with some of those stories set in the district.  In addition, Fireworks: Interference Equation, my third novel includes many locations from the Pendleton area. 

Soooo... bear wirh me. But for those of you who can't wait.  The book is available at the ATTM Press website and on Amazon.   At any of my book signings, I'll certainly sign any books purchased at the various sites outside of the signing. 

I'll  post any updates on my Facebook, Twittter, Myspace, Goodreads and there will be posters scattered downtown and in the Pendleton Street Arts District.


  1. Sounds fun. Keep us posted when you settle on a date. My copy's on its way, so I guess I'm one of the ones who can't wait.

  2. I'd like to have you come read and sign some of your books as well if you'd like.


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