Monday, February 1, 2010

Holding my book!

For the first time today I'm holding a copy of my first published novel, Shaman Circus.  Wow!  What a feeling.  What a wonderful surprise.  The quality that ATTM Press offers is superiorl. The amazing cover art by Steve Viner of the UK  is stunning and I'm very grateful for the flattering bio photo taken by Bethany Williams who had a ton of patience and a rapid fire creative style.  She even put me at ease in front of the camera which is a  tough task.

So I am incredibly pleased.  But there's more to do.  I'm mixing some marketing with some writing - following up on the final chapters of the sequel, Shaman in Exile, which is a good bit longer than the first book and takes place in New Hampshire, France, and Folly Beach, SC, as well as New Orleans. 

I'm listening to a lot of the same music I listened to while writing Shaman Circus to recreate the mood for the radio interviews.  Ten Years, Vast, One Side Zero, Earshot, NIN.

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  1. Congratulations on Shaman Circus. How excited you must be! And I do like the cover - it's unusual and eye-catching.

    Straight From Hel


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