Monday, February 22, 2010

Shaman Circus review from Steve Lindahl

I just received an email with a review of my novel Shaman Circus from Steve Lindahl, author of Motherless Soul. . 

"Shaman Circus is a story of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The writing has great detail and provides an understanding of what life was like in that city with clarity that wasn’t in either the news media statistics or the graphic pictures provided at the time of the storm. I was especially affected by a section where an artist was cleaning her studio. When she discovered that one of her works was only half destroyed from water damage, she ripped off the ruined part and kept the rest hoping she could recreate the painting someday. Gray’s images of huge out of control trash fires and colorful Louisiana Voodoo rituals performed in half destroyed warehouses, pulled me into her story and held me there. There was also a fascinating love triangle between Alex, Jacob, and Lily. Their relationships swirled around with almost as much destructive force as the hurricane. Shaman Circus is the type of book that makes its readers want to slow down to carefully pull in every word. It is more than a good read. It is a wonderful journey." - Steve Lindahl, author of Motherless Soul

Thanks so much to Steve.


  1. Congratulations Gail! What a great review!!! You should definitely post this on your Facebook fan page. Kudos!!! :D

  2. A fabulous review and a fabulous book. I'm so honored to be among such talent at ATTM.

  3. Great review! Sounds like an intriguing book - and I love the title!


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