Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ambient Jazz and Tulips

I guess my birthday this year is going to last a few weeks (like my daughter's and granddaughter's usually does.  Due to my daughter's crazy schedule as a nurse, we had my birthday dinner at her house on Tuesday during the snowstorm.  It was glorious. I walked into her very contemporary living room, (lots of world and oriental influences accented with original art ). There was a blazing fire, candles burning and  ambient jazz  (reminded me of the film score from Stay). Two live tulip plants were on the massive leather coffee table brazonly flaunting the weather ouside.  I felt like I was on a movie set it was all so atmopsheric.
 Beth and Kendall spent the day making all kinds of presents and foods. Kendall made me two stained glass window hangings - one of butterflies since her name Kendall Vanessa, means "Princess of the Valley of Butterflies" and the other of stars and planets in homage to my passion for astrology.
They pampered me like crazy with a hearty beef stew (one of my favorites) and Beth made her first cake ever, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.
What a wonderful birthday evening.   


  1. That's awesome! So glad you're having such a great birthday this year. :D

  2. Also, I've given you two awards on my blog! You should check out the latest entry.

  3. Wow - thanks B. Miller! This is a shock. Thanks! I'm overwhelmed.


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