Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coffee to a Tea's 1st anniversary with Art Bingo

Friday night, my granddaughter, Kendall, (in the white dress with her back to the camera), a friend and I attended the one year anniversary party of Coffee to a Tea, a locally owned coffee shop in the arts district where I once lived in my studio and participated in art shows at the Village Studio, The Vitti Tile and Pottery Gallery and the Saturday Art Market.
We hung out with old and new friends from greater Greenville, especially the Pendleton Street Art District and had a blast playing bingo. I never thought bingo could be so much fun. The prizes were amazing! Services from local business, oringinal art including:  paintings, mosaics, prints, jewelry, pottery, tiles, photos, and artisan foods and drinks items from Coffee to a Tea (including a $100.00 gift certificate.) I donated some prints, photos and a bottle of my home made pomegranate cordial. 
The ages of those in attendance were all over the place from infants to seniors.  We all played with only one bingo card yet it was tense and exciting! We would have been slayed by the seniors who play ten or twenty cards each in bingo parlours. The camaraderie was awesome, bringing us all together, even as we felt competitive. Many of us are eager for the next bingo night. Kendall, can't stop talking about it and wishes she hadn't been so shy until late in the night when she met other small girls.
 From the humor of the bingo caller (who probably didn't have a voice the next day) to the musical interludes  - it was all so perfect. We discovered, yet again, how awesome Coffee To a Tea is in offering unique experiences in the Pendleton Street Art District while setting the pace for Wild West End culture. What a great way to bring the local businesses, residents, regulars from greater Greenville, and Pendleton area artists all together for an evening of spontaneous, hilarious camaraderie! C2AT sets the pace for lively family neighborhood entertainment like no other. We're so lucky to have the Stevensons and Coffee to a Tea.


  1. Wish we had something cool like that here.

  2. Awesome... wish I'd known about this, I'd've loved to have gone. I need to go to this place! Still haven't been there yet.


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