Tuesday, March 9, 2010

There  was a third owl sign so now the owl sagas must be written into Fireworks: Interference Equation,  probably in Alice's garden, inmplicating Sean the, quantum physics guy.  I spoke to Doug in NC yesterday a couple of times, as well as many agencies having to do with forest wildlife and Doug was the most  helpful, compassionate and practical.  He has a friend who works at the Carolina Raptor Center and he consulted her and offered me some info which indicated nothing in m y yard killed the owl.
Doug took care of an injured Barred Owl, just like the one I found. He nurtured it, provided mice in the yard so the owl could hunt, and after three months, the owl returned to the wild.  He's a great Irish storyteller and it was a positive tale I needed to hear.  I'm still a bit traumatized, not because of what it means, but because I don't know how it died.  I've spent hours speculating, but feel assured nothing in my yard killed it. The cats haven't touched it in two days, as if they know I consider it sacred.
I wrapped it in a shroud of Egyptian gauze and  buried him in a place near my black wrought iron gate which is sacred to me. On top of his mound I piled many boughs of eucalyptus to accompany him on his otherworldy flights.     
Doug, who reads Tarot and once owned metaphysical bookstores, told me a great deal about the symbolism, omens, and "owl medicine."  his insights have helped to put finding the owl into perspective.
I worked in the garden a good bit of the day, (74 degrees) cleaning out and preparing two flower beds. It was dead silent in comparison to a few days ago.  No raptor sounds, only the rat-a-tat-tat of a small redheaded woodpecker as he made his way around the trunk in circles on the camellia next door.
While I experienced bird signs while writing Shaman Circus, this series of owl events has been much more powerful.  Even the chicken saga, as bizarre as it was, following the shootings and the pit opening up, can't compare.  (The chicken episode of 2008 ended up in a poem.  Perhaps I'll post it next time.)


  1. Spooky, creepy... eerie. When I think about your silent back yard and the fact that the cats won't go near the owl's corpse I get the willies.

    Good for you for incorporating it in Fireworks! I can't wait to read. :D

  2. It get's even weirder. Three owl signs yesterday Thursday). Too much synchronicity is a scary thing. Although the owl itself didn't scare me at all. He was magnificent and sad.


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