Monday, March 8, 2010

Reedy River Rats meet again!

The Reedy River Rats had a great writer’s meeting on Sat. at Coffee Underground. We got to hang out with one of B. Miller’s highly talented friends, Jack, who is a dancer. He told us all about a copmplex amazing mixed media production he’s working on called, Path, which detailes through dance, music and  videos, the deconstruction of the Red Riding Hood tale. He had to leaveto head to Asheville and the three of us talked about writing in general for a while and then Brian had to leave. But B. and I got into the nuts and bolts on our recent WIP pages and thank goodness for writer’s groups. Once again I was so eager to get to my action scenes that I neglected important features of two transitional chapters 21 and 22 in Fireworks: Interference Equation.

B.’s horror novel of horror and peach orchards and fire is moving along at a rapid clip and I know it will be finished by deadline as it now hovers at the cusp of the roller coaster’s highest hill andis  set to send readers careening down at a stomach-jolting pace.

Yesterday was a day of mundane work to make a living but today I spent the morning fixing those shorted chapters and am so pleased with the results because a good bit of character development resulted, even though I was working more on giving a better sense of time (not my long suit since I don’t believe in time as in a clock, but live more within time as changes in season and atmosphere.)

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  1. Yay! Nice! We should see when Viscera has another performance, and try to go.

    I love writers' meeting... the most useful tool I have in my writer's toolbox.


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