Thursday, May 27, 2010

May - Time for A Buslte in Your Hedegrow

May is almost over - hard to believe it.  This has been a busy month both with my work (lots of training and its actually been fun) and lots of marketing.  Something I'm not very good or diligent about.  But with my book signing for Shaman Circus on July 4th at Milagro Studios, it was time for me to send out press releases, which I did to many many places and most of them have responded at least with info on the signing and I've had requests for some to do reviews.  I was most thrilled though with publications in my home town of Lowell, Mass, which were not even in existence when I lived there to include info about my book on their website or print copies.  Wow - that felt surprisingly good.  I guess, as authors, we hope at least one publication in the town we live in will pick up the news, but I haven't lived in Lowell for 29 years so it really made me smile.  
I've also finished the 4th ending of Foxglove and hope it's the last.  We shall see.  It may still need a revision.  But my the 31st it will get sent out to at least one market that I've had my eye on, so it better be as good as it can be by then. 
This is also a busy month with school ending and my granddaughter busy with lots of things.  She just performed in four dance/song musical routines with three costume changes in a three hour show with the Phillis Wheatly Repertoire and the Phillis Wheatly Ballet Troupe. These groups are amazing and a huge shout out of Kudos! goes to Miss Jennings and Miss Wilson, the directors of the groups!!  The youngest child is in first grade and the oldest is in high school and they would knock you over with their talent.  Some of them need to be on American Idol.  They bring the audience to their feet, some with tears in their eyes!  (guilty)   
The first photo above is my granddaughter, Kendall, on the far left performing  "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"  a jazz dance number and the second she is portraying a child from Romania and singing "We Are the World" with the Repertoire. Her other two number were a Michael Jackson tribute and "Kumbaya."  She's a real trouper.  Her mother and I were exhausted after the performance and Kendall has been in school all day and then at her after school program so it was great those kids were so energetic and empowered to perform such a difficult program.
A Bustle in Your Hedgerow.   Can anyone guess where this reference comes from?


  1. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin!

    And May screamed by for me...

  2. You nailed it! I thought it would take longer for someone to remember. Avid Zeppelin fan or just here the song one too many times on the radio?
    I'm a long time Zep fanatic - saw then play live their first long tour of the US in Boston in 1969. They played for four hours!


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