Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shaman Circus book signing at Milagro Studios

I've been invited to do a book signing for my magical realism novel, Shaman Circus, at Fais do do, A Celebration of All Things New Orleans to be held at Milagro Studios during the First Friday Gallery Crawl on June 4, 2010.  I'm very excited as Milagro Studios (previously Vitti Tile and Pottery Gallery) is one of the places where I've shown my art in the Pendleton Arts District in Greenville,SC.
Milagro is located centrally in the Pendleton Street Arts District at 1263 Pendleton St.  It's a delightful gallery with a stunning courtyard and offers a selection of mosaics, art, jewelry, pottery,tile and ironwork by resident artists: Suzanne Vitti, Kay Larch, Eric Benjamin and Ryan Calloway.
 Stop by! There are many events planned for the evening.
I'll have copies of Shaman Circus for sale and for those who already own a copy, please bring them so I can sign them for you. I'll also have some of my poetry chap books and prints available and may even display a selection of the oil paintings I created of scenes from Shaman Circus.
Shaman Circus was published by a great small press in Maine at All Things That Matter Press (ATTMP). Thanks to the hard work of  publisher and editor Phil and Deb Harris, Shaman Circus is now available from their website or in print or kindle from

Synopsis of Shaman Circus:
In New Orleans following Katrina all bets are of; all masks dissolved. "Don't forget the sham in shaman," Jacob Laguerre lies to his new apprentice, Alex Hampton. When Alex, a twenty-eight year-old anthropology professor goes on field-study to post-Katrina New Orleans, he enters a chaotic and altered landscape where he's psychologically, physically and spiritually challenged by the sarcastic mentoring of the mulatto, Laguerre, a current day voudou shaman. Both Laguerre's and Alex's psyches struggle through stages of transition and rebirth as their lives are enmeshed with a group of quirky fringe-dwellers, as colorful and eccentric as the New Orleans itself. Lily Hampton, a sculptor, torn between her love for both men; Mavis, an artist who spent nights in her attic, but survived the floods; Perry Laguerre, Jacob's hermaphroditic twin, and Bad Jacqui, lesbian owner of a French Quarter bar: are pulled together to form the cynical but ultimately idealistic team who vow to stay in post-Katrina New Orleans. They all follow a taut path between madness and redemption in the no man's land of Refrigerator Town as they assist in the aftermath and healing of both the city and those who remain.

In addition, my author page is now up on Amazon.

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