Thursday, May 13, 2010

Steampunk Resources part 1

Here's a start!  Okay folks as you get ready for Upstate Steampunk Con or to submit art, fiction, poetry or nonfiction to the special steampunk issue of my magazine Fisssure, published by Shadow Archer Press: check out all these resources to get you motivated to:
 write a story
make a costume
build a contraption
and more...

And be sure to register with the local upstate
Steampunk Meetup Group.  It's FREE!

Steampunk Magazine - a free PDF downloadable magazine or a $5.00 print magazine with color cover.  Lots of great articles including how to pieces. They're on issue #7.

The Gatehouse Gazette - free downloadable and printable magazine in business since 2006 for steampunk and diesel punk. Now on issue #12 - a feat in itself.  Polished looking newspaper style mag with art, nofiction and fiction.  A must for all steampunk and desiel punk fans.  Plus it's FREE!!

Aether Emporium - the end all and be all in all things steampunk, including the greated collection of steampunk photos I can find.  If you need ideas for your oufits and wearable mechanical wonders - this is the place to go.  Music, fashion, art, books, comics, movies, technology, inventions and science, kits, how to instructions, discussions of all kinds. Be prepared to spend hours and hours here in absolute bliss.

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