Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guilty of Ambiguity and Rushing the Ending

Guilty!!  Guilty as charged on all counts!!  Yes, I stand with head bowed before the bench in shame.  I am as guilty as they come.  And a repeat offender indeed.  I am once again, guilty of rushing the ending of my story.  This one is "The Foxglove Broadsides," a steampunk story  was fun to write. I was able to play with both Victorian culture but quirky characters. 
Twice I considered the story finished.  And twice was told --  not so.  The first time, there was no ending, just a cliff hanger leaving my hero locked in a basement.
The second time, my ending was too abrupt and explained nothing, leaving the Commissioner holding a broadside. No further info to inform my readers.
So I do plead guilty, but with extenuating circumstances.  And what are those?  You, my dear readers, may ask as judge and jury?
"A deadline for a cool mag on Duotrope."  I answer
And the judge stands in a fit of rage, bangs his gavel and sends me to the slammer.
Yes, I must now take a deep breath in my little cell, (thank goodness in my steampunk world they allow laptops) and will not be released until I  finish my story, instead of going for my modus operandi - the ambiguous ending.  I'll admit I'm addicted to them, as much as someone might be to heroin. 
But there are times they won't work.  Rushing to such ends stops me from thinking straight and do what's right which is to - SATISFY THE READER.

In my ADHD excitement I would have sent off my unfinished story and let down both my readers and myself. The story would certainly be rejected.
Thank goodness for my writing partner and for my peers, who I hope, would never let such a criminal act go unrevealed. And even though the story is now over 5,400 words, (over the limit of my targeted market)  it would be better to cut its innards than to slack on the ending.

So, who else will stand beside me in the box of the accused?  Have you ever been guilty of such a folly?


  1. This post made me LOL!! I can't wait to read the finished product - I really love that story!

  2. ...yep, I've been there. Hang on a minute...dammit, I'm still there:)
    Thanks for the laugh Gail, glad I'm not alone.


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