Friday, August 13, 2010

Have any other authors had jumps in foreign sales?

I'm wondering if any authors have noticed big jumps in their Amazon sales?   All I know is that my novel, Shaman Circus, in its trade paperback edition (Kindle is a whole different deal and they just dropped to Kindle price to $3.19), Shaman Circus went up 50% in rankings the past two weeks since it was released on Amazon UK.  Part of that may be due to the fact I may have a huge following in Europe, thanks to all the folks I've worked with and published through my small press, Shadow Archer Press and my magazine, Fissure Magazine or and/or the fact that the cover was designed by Steve Viner, in my opinion an artists in the running as the next Dave McKean of Sandman fame and Neil Gaiman's  good friend and collaborator.  
I stand in amazement.  There hasn't been such a big jump I don't know whether to attribute that to it's recent  release in trade size paperback in the UK (and possible Germany and France) I know I have a lot of follows on an international level from all the authors I've published through Shadow Archer Press and Fissure Magazine.  But this jump is a staggering surprise.

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