Saturday, August 21, 2010

Steampunk Fissure final cut

A busy morning already!  In between working in my garden, I've been making the final decisions after re-reading all the submissions for the final cut for Steampunk Fissure to be released November 19th.  Boy, has it been tough.  The submissions are so good and so varied, I'm having a really hard time - a lot harder time than I've had with the last seven issues of Fissure magazine.
I love the ingenuity and creativity of steampunk authors.  They continuously amaze me.  Within the week, I hope to have notified all of the authors and will announce the final stories, poems and non-fiction articles to be included in Steampunk Fissure here, on the Shadow Archer Press site, on the Fissure magazine page, on my space, twitter, facebook.  
If you are an author who submitted something and did not hear back from me, please email me at  I had a computer crash a few months ago and lost the entire Steampunk Fissure folder.

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