Monday, February 14, 2011

The Titling Dilemma

The current novel is progressing faster than I expected, with a number of chapters and a lose framework for the ending in my head.  The social calendar since Christmas has been heavy, in a time period I usually acquaint with hibernation and I've been eating out way way too much for both my waistline and pocketbook.  So I'm looking forward to some time for hibernation prior to the full rush of spring, if only to come up with a suitable title, and if lucky finish the novel which now weights in at a good 37,000 pages, past the hump. and heading to the ending,.
The book, first titled The Foxglove Broadsides has now flown through three different titles and is now settling somewhat on Orchideliruim. Perhaps this last one will stay despite the fact it's a Victorian, not steampunk term. But it fits the subject matter. There are a number of steampunk aspects to the book but the plot revolves around the fever which took hold of many previously calm British citizens who turned into thieves, brigands and criminals because of their fascination with this botanical prize. The orchid in the book is a rather special orchid over and above any found during the Victorian era or since, but the title still fits. 

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