Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine Wolfe mini album

I made this mini album back in the fall of 2010 but couldn't show it until I handed it over to Sarah and Braxton, the singer and double bass player for the goth/steampunk macabre musical group, Valentine Wolfe.  This duo has appeared in a variety of venues including clubs, steampunk and other conventions and even are booked for an upcoming tea house.  By day, Braxton is a double bass player with the Greenville (SC) Symphony Orchestra and Sarah is a costumer at Costume Curio. Sarah also has her own specialized costume and accessory business on Etsy, called Valentine Wolfe,  focusing on corsets, shrugs, top hats, tri corns, wrist cuffs,  and many many more amazing items which are especially desired in the goth and steampunk arena.
Sarah and Braxton are an incredibly talented couple.  And because they were so kind as to give out free Valentine Wolfe Cd's at one of our local gatherings of the Upstate Steampunk Dining Out Society, I felt inspired to make them a mini album. I haven't shown the photos before this due to time, other things going on and the fact that I couldn't reveal it until I delivered it to them late last year.
Because they do goth and steampunk, I went for an elegant but grungy look using a lot of black, browns and reds, for some reason the butterfly hits me with them because of how light and airy Sarah's voice is.
I used a lot of different products some from Tim Holtz, 7 Gypsies, Graphic 45 papers and tags, the Once Upon a Time papers photo mats and journaling cards.  Of course, I added a lot of musical symbols and elements and lots of journal pages and journaling tags because they travel to a number of performances each year and perhaps this will help to capture some of those memories.
I added fold-out photo books too. As a  special tribute, in one of the envelopes, I stashed the lyrics to one of their songs for remembrance.  And used keys words such as dream because they are doing just that - following their dreams. They are so photogenic and wear such amazing stage costumes, it was hard to choose what photos to include. Some of the photos were accentuated by the artist, James Nimmons. Hopefully they'll find places in this journal to add more as they continue on their lyrical journey. I bound it with three book rings and added handspun yarns, ribbons, charms and bling to the binding rings.

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  1. If you have a chance see Gail's books up close, they are truly a beautiful experience to hold in your hands.


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