Sunday, August 14, 2011

Adventures Above The Aether

Although Winfield Strock III and I both attended a gathering  with the Upstate Steampunk folks at the Velo Fellow, we didn't get the time to speak. Since then I have learned a bit about Winfield and what amazes me on one front is the fact is is the survivor of a brain tumor. Since I work in rehab with adults who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, I know how rare his accomplishment is.
I'm excited to showcase his forthcoming novel and will be even more excited to meet with him in person when he and his wife attend the Upstate Steampunk Extravaganza just as the same time as the release of his steampunk novel.
What secrets justify hiding from history mankind’s first foray into space?  In 1881, in an age of steel steam and innovation, an eclectic collection of adventurers gather.  As resources pour in and hints at breakthrough technologies leak out, one man is sent to investigate.
Follow Solomon ‘Hap’ Hanson, Civil War veteran and Pittsburgh reporter as he uncovers a maze of mysteries.  Deeper and darker events become.  As his story unfolds more dangerous the perils become, more rewarding the venture grows.
An enigmatic message along the way keeps Hap focused on his task:  “Save this adventure from itself.”  Who will be this voyage’s downfall?  Will it be the swarthy terse soldier, Claude?  Surely the sallow British doctor, Henry Wells, and his beautiful, brave, resourceful wife pose no threat to the voyage’s success.  The most obvious danger lies in the expedition’s most brilliant member.  Nicolai’s nihilistic views come to the fore as tensions rise and crises converge.  But as Hap joins the chaotic crew he wonders, will he see the crew and voyage to its doom?
      Worlds beyond our own, Earth’s nearest celestial neighbors, beckon to be explored.  Join in the voyage textbooks cannot know happened.  Learn why such an epic event goes unwritten until the dangers of our past no longer threaten to destroy the future.  Discover the lessons learned on distant worlds a century ago which serve as harbingers of horrors hanging above our hectic globe. 

Winfield Strock III is a brain tumor survivor and submarine sailor who wrote Adventures Above the Aether following brain surgery, a coma and a change in spirit. He realized the importance of making the most whatever life offers. "Now I hungrily pursue my passion to tell a tale perchance to sing in the hearts of others as it did mine" Winfield states. "The rudder of my heart makes tighter turns, leaving a larger wake.  The biggest, the best alteration in my life’s perception came with a deepened desire to pursue my passions.  My love for my wife ran deeper and my drive to write burned brighter."

Adventures Above The Aether will be available September 1, 2011 in both print and e-format from Rebel Ink Press.

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