Monday, August 15, 2011

Saved by Torchwood and Insane Botanists

While the 10-weeks of running and oppressive heat continue here in South Carolina, I write away on Orchiderlirum, despite a recurring double ear infection and a broken air conditioner.  The novel is at such a point that when I sit down to it, I'm so totally immersed in the world, drawn rapidly through scene after scene by the characters, that I forget all the abysmal aspects of everyday life here in the south.  I long for the breezes and beaches of the New Hampshire Atlantic but try to put such thoughts out of my mind and am surprised at how much I can write under such conditions. Over 6,000 words the weekend before last, although the heat has taken its toll and I had to finally give in to a trip to the doctor. 
In between the writing and sitting in the dark house where the air is so dry the roof of my mouth is peeling, I watch Torchwood, Dr. Who and Being Human,(which happily will now have a 4th series) all found at different county libraries. Since we can now borrow up to 10 DVD's at a time, I gather up a series and watch all the episodes in one week in between four to five hour writing sessions on the weekends.  It's just too hot to write after work, but on the weekends its a go and I'm now at over 71,000 words and believe I will finish the first draft by the end of this year, hopefully sooner and can jump right into editing. Just as with my other novels, the characters are now in total control.
While I watch the series I do art or make pages for the handmade botanical and steampunk books. Now I'm even digging out 20 year old photos from way back when the idea of being am amateur botanist first entered my head.
I'm also returning to my love for odd , beyond eccentric and quirky botanists and naturalists found in British novels by A.S. Byatt, Iris Murdock and John Fowles. 

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