Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Preparing for Upstate Steampunk Exravaganza

This year's preparations for the Upstate Steampunk Extravaganza are not so frantic as last year's when I was making costumes, procuring hats and accessories, producing art, altered art books and journals, etc to sell. I also had a lot to learn about steampunk. Now, I'm a good bit more knowledgeable (it helps to immerse oneself) and have an oversupply of garments and hats even though I hope to procure a few hand-crafted accessories by some of the amazing vendors who will be at the con this year.
So I had time to play around with beeswax encaustic while sick and mostly housebound this weekend.  I'm throwing around the idea of producing an ashcan size graphic novel type of advert for Orchiderlium. I was inspired by the graphic novel, The Black Ibis, Book 1, The Secret London by Bethalynne BeBajema, one of the crew of the stunning magazine Insects & Angels, and the Black Ibis Tarot. (I'll write a review of the 1st installment of their graphic novel as soon as I finish it. I'm reading it in small snippets in order to make it last, like with a box of chocolates.

The Orchidelrium chapbook size ashcan might do well as a teaser handout at the Upstate Steampunk Extravaganza the last weekend in September during my stint at the author's table. It will include a little art, graphite sketches of the characters and a brief sneak preview of the storyline. 
Since I'm not vending this year, and am only offering one presentation, The Psychology of Steampunk, I'll have a lot more time to play and socialize with old and new friends and folks I've met on facebook but not in person. I'm really looking forward to the amazing array of panels, the new movies being unveiled and of course, the ball.

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