Wednesday, May 11, 2011

more Steampunk - the Victoria X

Finally - Victoria X, the exciting fast paced novel by Gypsey Teague is available on Amazon. A few months ago, author Gypsey Teague let me read a portion of this adventure novel and let me tell you - this woman knows her stuff - the history, the technology, the detail is amazing and the main characters are spunky go-getters who won't be restrained.  I've read a number of steampunk short stories and novels now, from YA to adult, from fantasy steampunk to high tech cyperpunk and I have to say this is one of the authors who most cares about research, in the chapter I read, there was high adventure and incredible imagination but in addition, sound research.  Not surprising coming from a librarian, but something of note. I'm really looking forward to the entire novel which as I know so far will be available, perhaps even signed by the author at both ConCarolina and the Upstate Steampunk Con.
And not to forget the awesome cover - created by Jim Cross of Anderson, SC, an incredible visual artist and illustrator in my eyes and that's not only because his brilliant work graced the cover of the special steampunk issue of Fissure magazine, which I edit and publish.  I'm so happy for both Gypsey and Jim, an unbeatable team in this fast moving genre.  
From the book blurb
"Victoria is dead. Leopold has usurped the Throne from Edward. The Germans are on English soil and only one aireship, the Victoria X, can save the Empire. Read how a single Captain, Abigail Buckman, may be the last hope of the Realm as she assists the English Aire and Naval Services against those loyal to the illegal King and Queen. This is Steampunk at its best and aire war at its grittiest."

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