Thursday, May 26, 2011

V. S. Ramachdran: Synesthesia and Creativity

As quantum physics and neuroscience stretch out, I find it so interesting that creativity is more connected in both than we've ever realized. With the new brain mapping, neurologists, such as V.S. Ramachandran are working with individuals whose sensory sections in the temporal lobe of the brain are connected differently from other people creating single sensory streams whereas most people would experience these as separated sensory experiences one at a time. These connected sensory streams are often cross-connected in a brain activity called Synesthesia, where someone experiences  numbers as colors, or tastes musical tones, shapes or metals.  At one time this brain activity was attributed to crazy people or individuals who have suffered a brain injury but it;s been found to be genetic.  Such a discovery proves how different each and every one each of us has totally different perceptions of the world and universe. I took the time while at the Art Bomb show to ask fellow artists if they felt any of these off sensory connections.
Artists such as DaVinci may have had numerous sensory connections and sensory streams which enabled him to see the world in such an advanced way.
Shaggy described how he feels intense emotional reactions to the texture of each food. Mark mentioned how she can taste metals. I can taste metals like copper and when hearing the tones of the cello and other instruments as colors. Ramachandran also spoke about how Synesthesia, as a sensory function and not a cognitive or memory function is immediate and is also an brain unusual brain wiring which enables people to easily come up with metaphors - making unusual connections which abstractly fit one idea with another idea, and Ramachadran states, "Synesthesia is eight times more common among artists, poets, novelists and so forth."  He also discovered in his research that it's found in one in every two hundred people. Until I was exposed to books and videos by Ramachandran, I thought everyone experienced the world this way. I'm curious to see what further brain mapping and studies will reveal about creativity and the brain - it can only become more fascinating and revelatory.

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  1. Fascinating. The idea that Da Vinci might have had more connections than others is particularly interesting - and revealing. Now the only question is how do the rest of us learn to connect up a few more synapses?


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